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a pump in there and they are actually pumping the water out. that is a good sign. before they can fix the break, they're going to have to pump the water route. pge had to cut off the gas for 46 buildings. they are in the process of trying to get them to make sure it is safe and restore some of that gas. more than 24 hours after the 60 inch water main broke, water was still running down the street. if you look closely around the intersection, you see areas where the asphalt and sidewalk have buckled from the water. >> the water pressure can lead to the asphalt so it is puffed up and a weak spot is formed. >> city officials said turning off the water was a slow
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process. >> there is a transmission line and it is gravity-fed. because of the size, 60 inches, the valves take several hundred turns. in order to get them fully closed, we have to be cautious in how we operate them. there is a process and the method we use in order to make sure that is done correctly. >> so creased -- crews could shut off the gas. >> whether you doing? >> we are picking a lot. >> you can go inside? >> we do not go inside. they are going. >> they have secured the gas line but for safety reasons they turned off the gas at 46 buildings in the area. >> they are continuing to do that. there are a couple of capps they
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have to cap off and then there will be done. >> meanwhile, they are pumping the water out. once they get it out, they can get down there to 17 feet below the water main. when they get down there and see what is going on, and they can get some idea of how long the job of repairing it will take. >> what a process. we do know the cause of a tragic house fire in northeast baltimore they killed a woman and her grandchildren. officials say the flames that devour the home of nancy were sparked by combustible materials stored against a furnace. crews were called in the early morning hours of oct. 11. heavy smoke was pouring from the building. one person jump from the second story window. combustible materials can include clothing, paper,
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carpet, even bedspread. no word on what caused this fire in a apartment complex yesterday afternoon. we were over the scene on the 2000 block where smoke could be seen billowing from the building. it took about 60 firefighters to get it under control. 30 people are looking for a new place to live. >> another storm in parts of the northeast. there was rain, wind, but snowfall as well. slowing down recovery from sandy. >> michael bloomberg and officials announced the start of gas rationing. drivers can buy gas tomorrow, even numbers on saturday and so it goes. chris has more on the aftermath. >> having -- this nor'easter was
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miserable on those still suffering. >> having a storm, it is not a big deal usually. when it is on top of all this it makes things really hard. >> heavy snow covered the total homes as well as a battered power lines. parts of new york and new jersey that had power restored lost it again overnight. >> my kids were all frantic. no heat. it has been crazy. >> power crews that have been going nonstop have even more territory to tackle. >> last night complicated things by knocking more customers out of service. >> new jersey post of governor expects power to a restored by saturday. >> the good news is we have not seen that can -- kind of damage
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we saw with hurricane sandy. >> roads in both states were clear for the morning commute but the nor'easter it did bring a gusty winds, rain, and snow. fortunately for those drying out, not the flooding that was forecast. >> of course, most of the help is needed in the northeast, fortunately not for ocean city property owners. the area dodge to another bullet with the vicious nor'easter just skirting maryland's coast. more from lowell melser. >> it is shaping up to be a beautiful day and ocean city. still feeling a little bit of the wind but beautiful conditions right now as we all know, they dodged another bullet thrown at us by mother
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nature in ocean city. what we're seeing right now, take a look at the surf. during the height of the storm, the nor'easter, we saw seas from 6-10 feet, similar to what we saw with sandy. as far as other things, basically the normal flooding you would see during a heavy rainstorm. anywhere from 17th street south we saw a little bit of fighting with the tidal surges. winds from 15-25 miles an hour. the cleanup efforts are continuing in the parking lot. they're getting in shape up and things look good in ocean city. lowell melser, wbal tv 11 news. >> the storm pounded parts of the northeast and cape cod and new england. rain and snow continuing and the storm did not hit us directly but brought down some cold air.
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for squints coming down today. -- brisk winds coming down today. it to a bit a lot colder quicker through the evening. snow in parts of vermont. the mountains of maine. the system will get farther away from us. that means a nice weather pattern and for a lot of people, i think you're going to like the warming trend. more on that in a few minutes. >> enrollment is about to skyrocket. >> in fact, in five years, thousands will be attending county schools. tim takes a look at where they're going to go. >> a guilty plea in a series of arson said tar
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> two men are accused of a crime spree. >> police arrested them back in october for kidnapping young women and tonight they are facing additional charges. barry joins us. i understand this stems from an investigationy baltimore city and county detectives.
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>> that is right. it focuses on other crimes including six robbers in baltimore. there are even victims, including two men. most are college students. flanked by detectives, the commissioner and police chief james johnson describe a crime spree dating back to august 11. the allegations against these men include rape, sexual assault, kidnapping and armed robbery. >> they are dangerous people. >> he says they were arrested following the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl forced to get into a ford explorer. it happened near a bus stop. police believe campbell was the driver. he is charged with robbery. police said the identification of the same suv turned up in another investigation.
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>> it was actually a male and female trying to get a ride. >> according to documents, the victims of that crime said the driver pulled out a handgun. the male jump from the vehicle. the female was held at gunpoint. they demanded money, $200. she contacted a relative for the safe return of the victim. police have charged campbell with a september 25 sexual assault and kidnapping. >> this crime was also done a bus stop with a woman walking to her job. some of these cases brings an outrage to you, and outrage in your heart. you have young women on their way to school, in a public place that are a assaulted -- we cannot call them names. but the things they did, it is
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an outrage. >> they're being held without bail at a detention center. police worry other victims have not come forward. >> a terrifying morning for a 7- year-old. he was waiting at a car when somebody got behind the wheel and took off. it happened this morning. detectives say the man must have realized he was still in the car and dropped him off at a bus stop. detectives say they are looking for the person behind the theft and the still an suv. it is a silver ford explorer with the tag number 828m506. a man shot and killed in baltimore about 3:00 this afternoon.
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skycam 11 was over the scene. not much information at this time. stay tuned for updates. the guilty plea tonight in a series of our since the damage to the columbia mall. caught setting fire to a trailer, police have linked richard to seven arsons in all including a blaze. police say he ignited a combustible material that led to a trash compactor. he has pled guilty to second- degree arson and burning. he will be sentenced in january. he could be prohibited from possessing anything that could start a fire. >> in tonight's medical alert, if you are watching your salt intake, it could be the turkey sandwich. there is a list called the
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salty 6, common foods that can be packed with hit and sodium. it bears repeating, topping the list is bread. one slice can have 230 mg of sodium. it is often added to deli meats and turkey. it can have more than 1,000 milligrams. pizza, soup, and can -- condiments are also on the list. patients with diabetes have to keep an eye on their blood sugar and carry around a separate glucose meter. the new tool may already be in your pocket. the smartphone. all the needy is an application and the smart device that plugs into the headphone jack. it keeps track of all of your results and you can e-mail all of them to your doctor. right now it only works for the iphone and is approving fda
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approval. more than 250 million people suffer from a sinus infection. you may be one of them. the traditional treatment is antibiotics but we could be creating a super sinus bug resistant. about 90% of all infections are viral, which cannot be treated by antibiotics. the education actually deterred of health the bacteria. it creates a super bug cannot be treated by any medication. when doctors working on a swap to identify the type of infection. >> the problem in society is that doctors do not know which patients are going to have infections that will resolve uneventfully or which ones have infections. >> by knowing whether the cause is a viral or bacterial, doctors will be able to proscribe the
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right medication. without creating a resistance to antibiotics. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the latest storm moved far enough off shore to only give us some light precipitation. now it is making its way off the coast of cape cod and will continue to spin toward eastern canada over night. still some nasty weather in new england but most people have cleared out from the storm. since the ninth, only a trace of precipitation. yesterday's a few hundredths of an inch. not a lot of the storm this far west. the temperatures have been below normal thanks to sandy and the storm is still drawing down cold air. every day the first eight days have been colder than normal, including today.
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tomorrow, temperatures getting back to normal and then above the normal into the weekend. 40's and 50's in eastern maryland and cold in the mountains. eric is a very dry. in summer, it is a muggy day, they are up around 75. the lower the dew point, the dreier the air. that is arctic air. it will cool off tonight with diminishing wind. it lets the heat of the day escape. we couldn't see temperatures near to 40 in the inner harbor. the key will be the wind. that mixes the atmosphere. if we die down to 5 miles an hour, temperatures could tank. there is the storm off the coast, circulation and draws the cold air down.
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there is some mild air in the plains. this warming trend is going to be advancing east. temperatures tomorrow should be near normal end an 65-74 the weekend. we will see as the warmer air moves in a little bit of cloudiness passing by saturday morning and then we are back into the sunshine going into sunday. partly cloudy skies into monday. friday, 55-60 degrees. the winds on the day will be out of the west. add the water temperatures are in the 50's. 50's-60's on saturday and into the 60's on saturday and sunday. 57 on friday on the eastern shore. 60's over the weekend. the breezes continue tomorrow. that will come down and temperatures will be warming
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into the weekend. about 57 tomorrow. 65 on sunday. nice for veterans day, too. a holiday on monday, 67 degrees. our next chance of rain arrives on tuesday. >> speaking of football, it is known as the super bowl in high school football. and it will include athletes from maryland. >> former players tell us what that means for baltimore players and maryland as a whole. >> changes for baltimore's casino and why neighbors are
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and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> it will include maryland. the battle with pennsylvania is a matchup between the best of the best football players in high school. it included maryland four years but was dropped because they
5:24 pm
said the players were not on par with those from pennsylvania. what ever. they will play at hershey park stadium in june. today, former athletes were sharing their experiences, including antonio freeman. >> this is big for the state of maryland. this is big for baltimore. that is why i wanted to be a part of it. when you are one of the top 33 in your state, that is a big deal. >> here is one fund fact, every superable has had one player who is a big 33 alum. be there. >> in tonight's education alerts, the school system is growing. the number of kids is now set to climb even higher.
5:25 pm
>> that has caused the tester to plan to deal with the increase, especially in elementary schools. tim tooten has more on the story. >> it is the 26 largest school system and with the growing number of students, comes the need for more buildings. that takes plenty of planning. at first glance, this elementary school looks normal. but a closer look at the campus reveals a half a dozen portable buildings. the student body has outgrown its original building and parents are concerned. >> it is not a comfortable environment for them. it should be a place where they can interact with other students. >> it seems like they were -- they are segregated. >> you have seen them, over the summer they added two more trailers. you can imagine where that is going to go.
5:26 pm
>> the future may not be much brighter. the school population over five years is going to grow by more than 2500 students. over the next 10 years, it expects a 6.8% increase. the numbers will rise even more for elementary schools. officials said they have a good idea of what is driving the numbers. >> there was a trend around 2002, there was an increase in birth rates in baltimore county. they came to us as kindergarten students. our classes have been large. >> overcrowded schools are making room by adding extra space, even if it means relocating. for long-term relief, the district is looking for space to build. but will it come soon enough?
5:27 pm
>> i have gone to the meetings and they are addressing that. they are taking it step by step. >> parents can only hope more relief is on the way. >> in some cases, school buildings are actually under used. to see the report, log onto our website and click on education alert. tim tooten, wbal tv 11 years. >> in the wake of the election, there are some hurdles in the future for the republican party. >> what is next for the gop? we have learned it could mean americans will see more compromise. >> jesse jackson pleads their case. i am kate amara with that story. >> loading up a truck for
5:28 pm
hurricane victims. i am jennifer franciotti. the woman's efforts
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>> you are watching wbal teo of the news at 5:00 p.m., with stan stovall and donna hamilton. your forecast with tom tasselmyer and skycam 11 covering breaking news. wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> a rally calling for the redirection of money to build a u.s. jail in baltimore city.
5:30 pm
the idea is to prevent juvenile delinquency. >> expected to be in attendance is a jesse jackson. they say they are ignoring research that are more effective and less costly. kate amara it is lived downtown with that story. >> we will start with some logistics'. they have moved to the e event inside. it was scheduled to start at 5:00. if you are planning to come to hear jesse jackson speak, you have time. when he speaks, people tend to listen and that is what organizers are hoping for. he will bring attention to their cause, urging the state not to build that new detention center. it calls for a $70 million facility. supporters say it is designed to end the practice of housing juvenile offenders charged as adults with adults in the
5:31 pm
detention center. the advocates say that instead of a building, the state should concentrate its finances on preventing kids from getting locked up in the first place. >> we are opposed to it. it does not help us. it should not be built. it should not be in the equation. >> advocates say they should be put in group homes. by law, they cannot. we talked to a spokesman who says that kids who are charged with violent crimes like murder and rape must be under the care with in their apartment wall cases go through the court system. the department's chief said the current setup is too old, too small, and too dangerous to meet
5:32 pm
the needs of these kids. the general assembly has the final say. >> eric holder may not return to the job during president obama's second term. the first people to hear that, law students. it happened this afternoon at the school of law. when asked about his future plans, he indicated he will have to discuss it with the president and his family before making a decision. he also indicated he did not know how long he would serve and said he had to ask himself, do i have enough gas in the tank? >> after losing the election, the republican party is involved in some soul-searching. >> now some republican strategists are saying the party needs to reach beyond its base and appeared to a broader swath of the electriorate.
5:33 pm
sally kidd has the story. >> republican pollsters say changing demographics have finally caught up with the gop. >> paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all to the campaign. >> it was not enough for republicans to capture the white house. president obama won big among latinos, women, and younger voters. >> that reflects his record and also the approach of the republican party, to paint itself out of the mainstream. >> even some agree the grand old party has an image problem as the party of rich, old white people. the percentage that is why it has declined from 81% to 72%. >> the trying to get a larger
5:34 pm
and larger share of a smaller and smaller section of the electorate's it makes you run a lot of votes. >> he says there is a lesson for republicans going forward. >> we need to get better about communicating republican values to hispanic voters, asian voters, and the younger voters. that is the wave of the future. >> there is disagreement over what to do, which way to go. republicans are saying it is time to move into the middle while hard-core conservatives say it needs to move farther to the right. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. two men are arrested and charged with robbery, kidnapping, and sexual assault for their involvement in a series of 11 violent crimes. william campbell and kenyon waller targeted females and some
5:35 pm
males at colleges waking at bus stops. both are awaiting trial. police are looking for the person who stole an suv with a child inside of it in northeast baltimore. a 7-year-old boy was waiting in the car while another child was being dropped off when somebody got behind the wheel and took off. the man must have realized the boy was in the car and dropped him off at a bus stop. >> is a brutal crash near the tip -- kills a teenager. >> it is amazing but tyler campbell is still alive. wait until you hear how he managed to survive. >> this disabled poodle is in need of surgery after being found on the side of the road. an update to the story that could have had a very tragic ending.
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>> 323 feet in length and a century old, we were about this famous ship as it docked this morning. it is three masked it -- masted ship built in 1914. it is the oldest and largest sailing vessel. baltimore is one of the many stops on the norwegian training program. you should see it close up. you'll get a chance to do that. it will be open for free tour starting tomorrow at the inner harbor. >> bradley manning could plead guilty to some offenses. charged with sending the secrets to wikileaks, he is offering to take responsibility for some of the charges. that does not include the charge
5:40 pm
by the government of aiding the enemy. that is punishable by life imprisonment. he has elected to be tried by a military judge in february. the man who pleaded guilty to shooting gabrielle giffords has been sentenced. jared loughner was sentenced to seven life terms and 140 years. six people were killed in the attack. 13 were wounded, including gabrielle giffords. he has been undergoing psychological treatment. the judge said the evidence shows he knew what he was doing despite his illness. >> an amazing story of survival out of alabama. a 19-year-old falls asleep and his truck runs off the road. it broke his shoulder and his leg but tyler campbell tried climbing up the embankment and three days later he was finally able to make it to the road.
5:41 pm
he says to survived he used a broken headlight to drink rainwater. the family are calling his survival miracle. they say he knew he was strong but not that strong. three days. >> superstar and sandy is being called the second most destructive than a decade. >> canceled a 20,000 flights. how much all of those are costing the airline industry. >> cleaning supplies, blankets, diapers, much needed items. one woman is helping to fill this truck but she needs your help. details are next. >> a storm bringing down some chilly air but a warmup in the seven day. right now is 50 at the airport.
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>> coming up, and now president obama is taking a look at the tough issues. we will see also who some of the new faces in his administration will be. plus, the passage of question 7 prompted changes to the casino and baltimore city.
5:44 pm
th >> breaking news right now, and accidents on the howard county line. roy.
5:45 pm
>> route 40, and baltimore county between the howard county line. a couple of the vehicles are involved. we do not know the severity of the injuries but with all the equipment, they have two lanes reporting all they deal with this accident sure yet >> remember -- we told you her story this week. she was found hobbling. she was dirty and matted and she had a fractured pot. officials of were desperate to pay for a surgery to help her recover and tonight they have news. thanks to generous donations from yours, e enough money has been raised to pay for her surgery with some left over to help other pets. she is resting comfortably until surgery gets underway. it will to take several months
5:46 pm
but she should be available for adoption. if you are interested, you can go to the maryland spca or donate. we have a link on our website. speaking of generosity, all of our collection efforts are under way for hurricane victims in howard county. a good samaritan needs help with all of that. she is hoping to go north on monday. jennifer franciotti has the story. >> food, toiletries, diapers. >> these are the some of the items vickie thurston has collected did a couple of days that togo to hurricanes and the victims. arctic? -- architects got them a sign and money for supplies. after helping in new orleans, it is something she says she knew she had to do.
5:47 pm
>> you hear about the domination going on and see the pictures on the news. people have lost everything. i am one of those, ok, you have to do something. >> my goal is to get this struck a pact to the top. >> by word of mouth, the truck is filling up with supplies including blankets and clothes. more is needed. >> we probably need more cleaning supplies. we do not have too much of that. >> the truck will leave on monday in brooklyn where the items will reach those in shelters. natalie has never done anything like this and she says it is rewarding. >> it is exciting. you can only imagine if you were in her situation. >> anything we can give them, i am sure she will appreciate.
5:48 pm
>> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the storm on the coast is off the coast of cape cod right now. rain, snow, a gusty winds but it is getting farther away and things are improving. we have to get through a cold night tonight and after that, high-pressure will really bring some fantastic fall weather for friday and the weekend. precipitation moving up the coast, drawing down some cold air. only in the 40's around baltimore. still very cold out west. temperatures around freezing near oakland. the eastern shore, 40's and 50's as well. the potential is to get down to
5:49 pm
28 or 30 degrees. and a wind chill at 5-15 miles an hour. this storm will be gone by tomorrow afternoon at high pressure will strengthen over the area. the next unsettled batch of whether not scheduled to impact our area until tuesday of next week. 53 degrees right now. 50 here in baltimore. there is some warm weather in the middle of the country and that will go east. our temperatures will be rising. the first eight days have been averaging colder than normal. tomorrow, we get back to normal. enjoy your friday. winds at 5-10 knots. 1:00 in the morning, the next high tide. the warm air from the ohio valley. 40's tomorrow. into the 60's to round out the
5:50 pm
weekend on sunday. the same thing on the eastern shore. 65 saturday. mostly sunny skies. if you're going to the coast, a bit of a breeze to deal with tonight and tomorrow. 55 degrees with sunny skies as we go into the weekend. our seven day forecast, a 57 tomorrow. the weekend looks gorgeous. sunshine on saturday. not going to be surprised if we tied to 70 degrees on sunday afternoon. on monday, 67. and then the front comes in and that will cool things off wednesday and thursday. >> one of the most popular stories today, wal-mart releasing its "black friday" advertisement. for the first time, wal-mart is
5:51 pm
kicking off the madness at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. the second round of offers will be introduced at 10:00 p.m. followed by more discounts on 5:00 a.m. wal-mart plans to run a separate sale online. it is in response to customers who want to shop early. the know how tired you get after eating a lot of turkey. the labor department officials confirmed the number of jobless claims fell by 8000 but they say it is likely not all due to a ceiling job market. they say the storm could affect those figures for the next four weeks. it will be a good sign for the job market if unemployment application stay below. jobless claims in maryland are also down by more than 1300. and we are getting a better look at the -- impact of superstore and sandy.
5:52 pm
forced flight cancellations led to a $90 million loss in revenue. the storm touchdown last week. that is almost a days worth of its schedule lost. united runs 5500 flights every day. delta air lines says it cut their revenue by $45 million. >> with the 2012 london olympics history, we are getting a look at the designs for rio. they won the bid to decide -- design their olympic park. the man who led their bid for the contract said his design reflects the black and white street patterns of coke of the band and the rivers of the rain forest. the games will start on august 5, 2016.
5:53 pm
a late breaking developments regarding the casino in baltimore city. david collins is in south baltimore with that story at 6:00. >> is the partnership between the young people and the veterans that has them going to the next raven's home game. we will bring you their story, coming up.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> most kids spend their summers
5:56 pm
playing or visiting with family but a group of volunteers it chooses to be a part of the lives of veterans. >> in the beginning, it was more like school, ok, i need to get these hours done. >> he approached his volunteer like any freshmen would. like his fellow volunteers, it soon change to a sense of purpose and a desire to give back. >> after the first year, i really like it. i was feeling good about it. why not do it more? >> youth volunteers 14-17 commit to 75 hours of community service over the summer, helping veterans recover physically and emotionally. >> it is very good because you
5:57 pm
know you are brightening someone's day and making them smile by being a part of their day. >> volunteers do everything to coordinating bingo and baking cookies. with three inpatient facilities making up the health-care system, there are a lot of opportunities to give back and expect -- and experience as a bible for the residents as volunteers. >> for the use, they get to hear things that are historical in value for them. but for our elderly residents, they are looking at the future of this country. >> it is nice to see people at a young age having a sense of service. most of us being veterans know about service. >> he was so inspired he plans to continue his service. >> hearing about what they did in the war.
5:58 pm
>> this talented group of volunteers will be at the next raven's home game on nov. 11, a fitting day for that tribute. >> i am sure they will enjoy the game. here is a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> i am nichole killian. what can we expect from a second obama term? a look at the agenda. >> what does a gambler's paradise look like? a peek into the future. >> police accuse one man of rape and another of sexual assault. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. >> it is a relatively quiet today for president obama at the
5:59 pm
white house. >> that will not last for long. plenty of changes could be in store. nikole killion it is in washington with more. >> with president obama back at the white house, what can we expect now he has won reelection? >> i return more determined and inspired than ever about the work there is to do. >> and there is a lot of work. first, the fiscal cliff. with tax hikes and spending cuts, reaching a deal with congress, then what? >> the president has promised he will do immigration reform. he did not keep it last time. >> other issues could range from climate change to the implementation of his health- care law. >> obamacare, the biggest item has a lot of loose ends that need to be attended to. >>

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